27 May 2016

Mysterious e.coli superbug mcr-1 said to have hospitalized person


And of course the name of the alleged person has not been released:

To prevent panic? To protect the individual?

Because otherwise, with scientists calling mcr-1 "extremely contagious" and all, it makes complete sense that friends and acquaintances do not know the name of the alleged victim, even though said friends and acquaintances may have recently been in contact with the alleged victim; it makes sense that said individuals go about their daily lives without knowing that they are potentially infected carriers of the disease. It makes sense for friends and acquaintances not to know that maybe they should get tested.

Incidentally, the medication to treat HIV, Truvada, has been making waves in the headlines. This just goes to show that part of science functions independently. In regards to the mcr-1 story, one would be wise to consider what percentage of science does not function independently. And what a sudden end to HIV means for India and the rest of the world.