Media ignores blackout rules, publishes remarks by Le Pen's father and anti-Le Pen demonstrators on morning of election

According to French law, 44 hours before the second-round election, the media is supposed to honour a code which prohibits reports that could influence French voting decisions. MSM immediately made it clear that, for this reason, no further investigation would take place regarding Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron's e-mails:

excerpt from "USA Today"

Well, at 11:40 am, on the day of the election, Guardian decided to run a story on French election candidate Marine Le Pen's father and his opinion about his daughter. What could possibly be more influential than asking the person who raised a candidate what he thought of his child?

Meanwhile, several media sources, including Le Parisien, reported on an anti-Marine Le Pen protest.

All media ignored an anti-Macron protest, which was circulating on Twitter. The protest drew attention to Macron's terrorist-friendly immigration policy:

There has been no lack of media bias in the campaign. For instance, the media took no position on Macron's phone call of support from former U.S. President Barack Obama. By contrast, when U.S. President Donald Trump said Le Pen was a stronger candidate on terrorism than Macron, the media suggested that Trump was influencing the election. But what just took place on election day is a whole new level of bias and recklessness.