SCANDAL: foreigners get to vote twice in French election

Remember that time when 500,000 of our supporters
got to vote for us twice?
Foreign media just dropped a bomb that is likely to explode.

As the Daily Mail reports:

"Marine Le Pen's general election hopes could be in peril after it was revealed 500,000 voters outside of France were sent duplicate polling cards - giving a traditionally non-right wing electorate the chance to vote twice.

Because Le Pen's Front National party appeals to a conservative, domestic community the computer error could potentially see the politicians first round vote overshadowed by pro-EU double-voters."

When considering the implications of this so-called computer error, there are a few points to bear in mind.

First, regardless what those living outside think of France, if they have retained their French citizenship, surely they are benefiting from the current system. Otherwise, why would they still hold their French citizenship?

That said, the people who receive two voter forms could be among the least likely to vote for change, narrowing down the likely candidates who the so-called computer error will benefit to those who want no change. In short: pro-EU candidates like Emmanuel Macron of the party En Marche, much to the glee of Merkel and the EU bureaucrats.

Get ready to be"en Marche" (in the going forward) with "more EU" because of the farce of electoral fraud. Just a coincidence, of course. Right?