Is Paddy Tarleton the next Woody Guthrie?

Paddy Tarleton
Folk music: it has a special place in the history of the United States. Key contributors like Woody Guthrie penned songs about places and events which helped shape the nation's identity.

Guthrie's work was also highly political, taking strong positions against states for stepping on the liberties of common, working people.

Guthrie went on to mentor and inspire Bob Dylan, whose trademark musical style and raspy voice became the soundtrack for a new generation of protest. Songs like "Blowin' in the Wind" and "The Times They are a-Changin'" became the staple of Vietnam era anti-war cries and chronicled the new generation's ideals.

Fast forward half a century to where America is in a new crisis and heavily divided. On the one side, you have those who believe in the old generation's ideals which, nearly sixty years in the making, are showing their darker consequences.

On the other side we have those who have been 'red-pilled' into an awareness of the reality surrounding the old generation's world view.

In the middle of it all is the prospect of another 'deep state' neo-expansionist war let by the United States.

Enter Paddy Tarleton.

Armed with his guitar and creative songwriting skills, Tarleton could be the voice that rattles the core of America's liberal establishment - and unites those who are slowly sewing the seeds of a new counter-culture. Below is a sampling of his work:

Tarleton came upon the radar in the aftermath of a highly-publicized brawl at Berkeley campus in California. MSM was on the story because a pro-Trump demonstrator had punched a radical leftist woman in the face. In true Rodney King-esque fashion, however, the media had begun rolling footage of the confrontation half-way through - after the woman had been disarmed of the weapon she had been carrying to seriously injure people.

Further investigation revealed that the radical leftist woman had boasted about going to Berkeley to "collect" scalps and was a porn model, sparking a storm of memes, shitposting and a popular song from Tarleton, entitled "The Ballad of Raunch-Vag Rosie":