Harvard Fraternity Decides to Allow Females and Others In, Moves to Become 'Gender Neutral'

The competition for the university with the most ridiculous demonstration of lib-left views, the competition is fierce.

On the one hand, you have Stanford University which, a few days ago, granted admission to an applicant who simply wrote "#blacklivesmatter" on his admission essay.

On the other, you have Berkeley, which rioted for several days after the U.S. Presidential Election, vandalized its own campus and stopped a non-left speaker from giving a lecture as part of free speech week.

Not to be outdone, Harvard University, the reigning champion of lib-leftedness, began penalizing "unrecognized single-gendered social organizations" and, in response, the campus fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi decided to transform itself a gender-neutral zone. Starting Fall 2017, Alpha Epsilon Pi is willing to consider women and transgender candidates to become fraternity brothers. Of course it would not be a sorority opening its doors to men, because women never give up anything exclusive with the degendering of society - they only gain what was formerly exclusive to the other party.