Trump claims al-Assad used chemical weapons, decides to bomb Syria

U.S. President Donald Trump has called for a series of military strikes against Syria. The decision comes just days after an alleged chemical gas incident in Syria which was never fully investigated and immediately blamed on the Syrian government. The decision also comes just one day after more alt-right-than-neo-con Steve Bannon was pressured to step away from a major position in international affairs. Sources close to the White House are indicating that Bannon was dueling with neo-cons who favor big government and have no qualms about getting America involved in foreign wars...

Perhaps Trump decided to attack Syria to show America's rivals - namely, China and North Korea - that America means business. As a plus, this message is conveyed without escalating tensions towards either of the aforementioned powers. The attack also tells the Syrian government that it must govern responsibly, and cannot stoop to the level of ISIS or it too will be targeted. Finally, the attack gets the monkey off of Trump's back regarding the ridiculous rumor that he is a Russian plant because, by bombing Syrian forces, Trump is acting against a government that is supported by Russia.

Unfortunately, there is no certainty that Trump was motivated by any of these impulses. It is in fact just as likely that the folks behind the plan that Hillary advocated for Syria knew they did not need Mr. Trump to support their platform initially, but merely needed an opportunity to use Trump's personality against Trump, to get Trump to carry out the same plan as Hillary. Yes, I think we have all noticed it: to get action, all you have to do is put Trump in a position where inaction would make him weak and impotent. I am not saying the chemical weapons attack is a hoax, I am just considering all the possibilities.

For the record, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is applauding the attack on Syria. And wants more aggression against Syria. Incidentally, just one day earlier, her emails, which potentially deal with the escalation of a different foreign war, were re-examined in a hearing in Washington.

Is Trump a rogue who is now putty in the hands of the deep state? Or is this flexing of the muscles part of Trump's broader foreign policy plan, letting Syria know what it can and cannot do while accomplishing some of the other goals mentioned? Only time will tell.