Breaking: a US-Russia-new Europe alliance may be emerging

and it appears that the Merkel-led Brussels EU, as well as last-generation neo-cons and Obamacrats in the United States, are going to be left out in the cold. Nothing in recent memory could have prepared us for this. So, how could it happen?

    Can't say they didn't try
  • from its handling of the Ukraine conflict, Putin's Russia avoided a global war, yet took Crimea, kept itself alive as Ukraine's gas supplier (Gazprom) and created doubts that the Ukrainian cub could be shaken from the Russian bear without a major global disturbance. Europe's media attempted to paint Russia as an enemy, but the caricature came from nowhere on the one hand and, unlike the image of rogue America in Iraq, acceptance of the narrative about Putin required acceptance of a new Cold War narrative, which meant forgetting that America had been a rogue in Iraq.

  • A diagram like this shifted east, involving ISIS,
    makes a "good war" narrative a hard sell.
    when Russia took the side of Syria's Assad government, which was accused of using chemical weapons on the civilian population, the Western media again tried to create a bogeyman out of Russia. But the rebels who positioned themselves against Russia and the Assad regime were not able to grab the moral ground because their hands were also bloodied by mass atrocities in Syria. Furthermore, also fighting Assad was ISIS, which is known for sponsoring terrorism in Europe, thus eliminating any chance for a coherent "good vs. bad" narrative in the conflict and instead creating a crazy love triangle which is about as glamorous as the original triangular trade (slavery). In the updated version of the triangle, ISIS drilled oil in its conquered territory, sold that oil cheaply to Turkey, and used its funding to support war on Assad and terrorist attacks in Europe, all with the goal of creating one massive Caliphate. With the mass destruction of Syria, millions of refugees are pouring into Turkey en route to Brussels' EU and Brussels is paying Turkey to handle the refugee crisis. No matter how you spin that, the EU is funding a country that is funding ISIS, and ISIS is targetting non-Muslims in Europe for destruction and causing billions of dollars in infrastructural damage to the EU.  Meanwhile, all of this loosens and blurs the borders between the EU and Eurabia, making ISIS' goals increasingly easier. Sadly, Brussels has been the great enabler.

  • "we must accept a high young
    immigrant crime rate."
    Not the best PR speech if
    terrorists are among the migrants.
    In the EU, semi-coherent anti-Islamification, anti-terrorism, anti-Brussels countermovements appeared, such as Pegida. The EU treated the countermovement like terrorists, enforced draconian freedom of speech restrictions and tried to paint an image of the Muslim refugees in the EU that, after every controversy, terror attack or eminent domain action to help the refugees at the expense of the EU's native population, is just isolating Brussels from the European people. Meanwhile, the Pegida movement has gained sympathizers through its portrayal of the US and EU, including the US/EU's beating of the war drum in regards to Russia. And so, the EU's never-ending public lessons about World War II/Hitler (to create a vast immigrant state in Europe) have backfired because native Europeans are also buying into Pegida's anti-war rationale not to create a conflict with Russia.


    Wait, what?

    "German planes see Russian jets in (unrestricted) airspace"
    So if nothing is wrong, why is this news?

The aforementioned, and the EU's own abysmal economic and security failures, triggered Brexit. Likewise, the American public grew tired of empty promises, globalist outsourcing, corruption in Washington and Cold War 2.0 propaganda, and the outcome is a Trump presidency.

Having called Brussels' policy with the refugees "insane", connected with Brexit's frontman Nigel Farage and made no suggestion that Russia is a concern, Trump has already put America on a completely new course. Russia, meanwhile, is building solidarity with the anti-Islamification, anti-terrorism, anti-Brussels countermovement in Europe. In the latest news, Russia has declared an alliance with the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ), a fully-coherant, anti-Brussels and anti-Islamification party:

from Austria’s Far Right Signs a Cooperation Pact With Putin’s Party," by Alison Smale, New York Times

The leader of the far-right FPÖ has signed what he called a cooperation agreement with Russia’s ruling party and recently met with Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, the designated national security adviser to President-elect Donald J. Trump of the United States.
Word of the agreement with Russia was the latest sign that the Kremlin is forging bonds with political parties across Europe in what some European leaders suspect is a coordinated attempt to meddle in their affairs and potentially weaken Western democracies. Many of these efforts are murky and involve obscure groups, and it is unclear whether President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has any direct involvement.

The Freedom Party leader, Heinz-Christian Strache, reported the signing of the agreement with United Russia, Mr. Putin’s party, on Monday on his Facebook page, where he also disclosed that he had visited General Flynn a few weeks ago in Trump Tower in New York.

“Internationally, the Freedom Party continues to gain in influence,” wrote Mr. Strache, a dental technician who has led the party since 2005.

The Trump transition team did not respond to request for comment on the meeting.(more)

Advertisement for the FPÖ:
"Vienna cannot become Istanbul"
Blocks of power are shifting. Perhaps the biggest question is not what will happen to ISIS or the EU, but the future of Turkey, a hotbed of deadly terrorism (the Kurdish PKK, which may have had connections to the Kurdish rebel groups in Syria) that is on hot coals after shooting down a Russian jet and the more recent assassination of a Russian diplomat. The new Europe that is emerging from the "far-right" sees Turkey and its population as emblematic of looming Islamification. 2017 could be a very interesting year in geo-political development.