Ban on "preaching": how Christmas tradition could be wiped away using the "secularism" argument

from "Fury As School Changes Lyrics to Christmas Carol Over Fears It's Offensive" by Lizzie Stromme, Daily Express

A school has come under fire for changing lyrics to a traditional Christmas carol to wipe out any reference of the festive period claiming some may be offended by what they consider "preaching".

Outraged parents hit out after the school also changed the name of its annual Christmas concert to a ‘December recital’, cutting any reference to the very reason for the performance whatsoever. Alterations to the seasonal songs included exchanging the word ‘Christmas’ with ‘winter’ and ‘Father Christmas’ with ‘friend’ at the school in Norway.

Arvid Berentsen, head of the parents’ board at the Stravanger institution, in west Norway, said he was greatly opposed to the school rewriting their traditional song 'Deilig er jorden', which translates to Fairest Lord Jesus.

The traditional song is not only sung in church services, but at homes around the Christmas tree.

Mr Berentsen also said the rebranding of the Christmas recital as a December recital went against the wishes of the parents' board.

He said: “The reason why the words to 'Deilig er jorden' [Fairest Lord Jesus] can not be sung is that it is perceived as preaching. Personally, I believe this is more cultural heritage than preaching. I understand that the school has good intentions, but I think the whole thing is very strange. I simply don’t see the problem with children sing about Christmas…nor the full version of [Fairest Lord Jesus] (more)