What happens when you tell a woman who ignores you that you aren't even that interested?

So there I was, standing in a bar and enjoying the music. To my right and in front of me were three average-looking female twentysomethings.  I noticed one of the women smirking and pointing.  Following their gaze, my eye came to rest upon a man to my immediate right who was a little past his prime. The man did seem a little past his prime, but not really in a way that caught the eye. Suddenly, the girl who had been making fun of th man saw me watching the situation unfold.

"I don't know you," she snapped at me.

I could tell from her tone that she was eager to put me in my place, too.

"Oh my bad," I said playfully and probably smirked. "So, what brings you here?"

At that moment, she turned her back to me and the man.

"Hello?" I said.

She seemed to be pretending that she could not hear me, so I announced that I was not even interested in her, and I had had much better anyway. At that point, I started to walked away to the right and felt someone grab my shoulder. It was the older man she had been making fun of. He grinned and raised his glass in a "cheers" motion. I did not turn and look for the girl and figured that she was not paying attention. Oh, but she was. I should have known that she would be watching for a new power dynamic in the room other than the one she had created. After all, in the west, women are raised to care about things like this.  Evidentally, they are also raised thinking it is ok to restore her power by charging at you, screaming in your face and trying to grab at and twist your nipples. Because that is what happened next.

And how should the public respond?

Well, if you are in the west, the bartender who saw the whole thing may fail to take action against the woman or do anything. You, on the other hand, may be confronted by the bouncer and walked out of the establishment. Now, imagine the roles were reversed; a women walks away from you, but you follow her, get in her face and grab and twist her body. Tell me: what happens?

It's time for a serious dialogue in this country about the growing sociopathic attitudes of "the fairer sex", about what it means when those who grew up believing they are never at fault and free to act out their emotions without any accountability enter the public sphere. Is it any wonder why men have an increasingly nihilistic and apathetic view of society when society fosters and pardons this female behavior? Something has to give.


  1. You call the cops and charge her with assault, and call on your "cheers" mate as a witness. You black knight the hell out of the situation until you get justice. Pedestalizing a woman like that to the point where you automatically forgive assault is just counterproductive.

    It'll take 100,000 of them going to jail before they start to realize that we really, really, really aren't interested in them, but so be it, but it is just a shame that you missed an opportunity here. Oh well.

    Personally I would have put her to the floor, then called the cops. Don't let strangers henpeck you. Ever.


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