Empowered Women of the West

This evening, I'm in a restaurant in Berlin. Admittedly, I'm alone, because the girl who should be here with me didn't say that she had to work until the day of my 1000 kilometer trek in. However, to my left is another woman; in between shoving mouthfuls of cheese pizza into her fat cheeks, she keeps interrupting her man when he speaks. Otherwise, her eyes are glued to her phone.

To my right is a slimmer, more attractive woman. Her pupils are dilated, her cheeks flushed. Her voice is soft and meek. She is agreeing with her guest's every remark, mimicking his every gyration. She is also fumbling with her wine glass. It's an interesting spectacle considering that, several minutes ago, the guest confirmed to her that he is married...

For the modern woman, "married" means something out of reach and valued by another. Modern women don't like to be told they can't have things of value. Humble is not in their vocabulary. So, compounded by sensory impulses through the wine and candlelight, the situation is driving the lady crazy.

That same week, I met two girls who were dancing up to men in a bar and shutting the men down. The one girl looked over at me disapprovingly. I told her I wasn't even interested. At that point, she looked shocked and didn't know what to do...so she kneed me in the balls. I was incapacitated for the next few seconds, but it was clear that she wanted to put me under her. All Western notions of acceptable behavior be damned - how dare I reject the queen after she had judged me.

She reappeared later in the night and shouldered me as she was passing by. A half hour later, I saw her again, pointing at me from the other side of the bar. This time, she was latched onto a burly man in a sweaty muscle shirt. Judging by her expression, It was clear that now she wanted to show me she could claim whoever she wanted; but I also knew she was playing the role of "damsel in distress" to get him to fight me.

Of course, in terms of chivalry, her plea for him to "fight for her honor" was like asking somebody to hold the door for you just to slam the next person's fingers in it. But it takes years to realize that, in the West, women abuse the concepts designed to help protect them because they want to feel important and see the world revolve around them. So the ignorant burly man stumbled over to "protect the innocent woman's honor". As he approached, he pushed me and barged into a mammoth of a man who, incidentally, had noticed my dialect and was in the middle of asking me about my German. Disturbed, the two exchanged heated words, but the confrontation quickly fizzled out as the burly man realized he was greatly outsized. I'm sure the woman wasn't happy, but I did not care to see what she would do next. I had had enough bullshit for one evening. So, I finished my coffee and left. Needless to say, my balls are hurting as I write...

When did Western women become such irresponsible, selfish, rude, entitled, egotistic sociopathic pieces of trash? Is such female behavior also typical in, for example, the Muslim world? Why or why not?


  1. Whhatt? What the hell is happening there in Germany?

    Welcome to Poland, Czechia, Ukraine, etc. mate. We have our faults, but the guys and chicks are not that crazy.


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