White and Black identity enforcement: only one of the two celebrates culture and achievements every day

McDonalds has just introduced a program called 365Black, which claims that "African American culture and achievement should be celebrated 365 days a year."  According to the site, the goal of 365Black is to "nourish the African-American community" like the "unique African Baobab tree."

See for yourself:

Now compare this to the cultural reinforcement aimed at Europeans and European Americans:

"Celebrate multiculturalism! The only race is the human race!"

It seems slavery and the Holocaust are the only "achievements" our people dare reflect upon and take credit for, collectively. Think about it.

In truth, slavery began thousands of years ago in Africa, with African tribes enslaving African tribes and no person alive today suffered from, or even witnessed, slavery on U.S. soil. Moreover, slavery was abolished through the Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1865; of America's European immigrants, nearly all who were Italian or Slavic arrived after that date. The Germans and the Irish, two of the largest European population groups in the United States, also arrived en masse in America after 1865. This includes the largest influx of German settlers in U.S. history [1] as well as one of the largest waves from Britain [2].

Just as importantly, the Germans and Irish who came to America before 1865 earned a reputation for being vocal opponents of slavery and played a critical role in the Abolition Movement. The Germans who immigrated to the U.S. in the late 1840s and 1850s accounted for the first major wave of America-bound immigrants in the 19th century and brought the spirit of liberal revolution (the 1848ers) to U.S. shores. They settled in the American West and voted to make the newly-formed states there slavery-free. Likewise, over the course of the U.S. Civil War (between 1861 and 1865) thousands of Irish settlers arrived in New York and were recruited right there to fight against the South (where slavery was still legal).

Concerning the Holocaust, nobody under 70 years of age could have had anything to do with it, nor could anyone of European ancestry who had not been in Europe in the 1940s. That leaves a very minute percentage of the population with a link of any kind. Yet there is an entire industry devoted to making White people feel guilty for the Holocaust - at the very least, guilty for not doing enough to prevent it.


  1. Anonymous30 May, 2011

    I disagree. This isn't racism.

    The industry is merely responding to the wishes of the people..if people were not actively searching for Black partners, the site would not exist. But they are, so the site exists.

    Nobody is looking to meet Whites for the sake of meeting Whites. How can the industry be held responsible for the interests of the population?

  2. You are right that the industry is only responding to the wishes of the people. However, the question you forgot to ask yourself is why nobody is looking to meet Whites for the sake of meeting Whites. That's because the wishes of the people are shaped by the society they live in, and White society is anti-White.

  3. Anonymous13 June, 2013

    I'd slightly disagree with the above posters who used the term "wishes of the people". I'd argue the "wishes of the people" in the eyes of the industry are mostly steered by overly-vocal politically correct/social engineering wannabe reformist types simply taking advantage of the fact that their noisy irritating lobbyist approach is overly represented as compared to the average apathetic person on the street with no interest in his opinion being 'heard'.

    Either way we have an overreaction on one side of the debate, with the resultant public friction that follows. Total progress made? Zero. The resolution is simply being deferred to a later date, and meanwhile, smug 'reformist' type wannabes are making a living out of exploiting the current situation no matter which direction the debate takes.


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