"Youths" rioting in France - again

from "Grenoble Riots: Street Jihad?" Musings of a Durotrigan

Friday night bore witness to rioting in the French city of Grenoble, where "youths" (read: teen immigrants and young Muslims) torched cars and shot at the police. It is also reported that the following night also witnessed unrest. The death of the armed robber Karim Boudoudha in a gun battle with the police 24 hours earlier served as the catalyst for the violence. His unknown accomplice in the robbery of the Uriage-les-Bains casino escaped with more than 20,000 euros. Boudoudha was no innocent, having received three previous convictions for armed robbery, and yet certain elements within Grenoble’s young Muslim population appear to have regarded him as some sort of hero and thus decided to go on the rampage in a petulant display of anger with the French authorities.

Grenoble residents therefore had to suffer as dozens of cars were torched and the sound of unrest filled the night air as an armed mob roamed the city, shooting at the police and threatening members of the public. It is reported that a tram was held up in the city’s Villeneuve district and its passengers forced to disembark by a mob of 30 carrying baseball bats and iron bars. Two men have been arrested.

In general, mainstream reporting of the event has not focused upon the obvious Islamic aspect of this unrest, but has instead deployed the standard narrative of this being a product of socio-economic deprivation and referring to its perpetrators simply as ‘youths’.(more)