3 reasons why the World Cup was not rigged

1. One of the most ethnically-homogeneous teams, Spain, triumphed, and did so by controlling the ball and playing like a one-body unit. This was not what the leading intellectuals, politicians and their puppets in the media wanted to see because they all insist that diversity and multiculturalism are strengths. In fact, along with fellow believers in the "multicultural" spirit of the age, these ideologues had tried to transform the World Cup into one big advertisement for multiculturalism and diversity. In addition to the "racism has no place in this sport" commercials, there were pre-game ceremonies in which youth of all backgrounds ran onto the field, plus some Black lady sung team Germany's anthem before some sort of moment of silence against racism.

2. It was one thing that, in the finals against a better, largely-homogeneous Spanish team, the multi-racial team representing Holland resorted to foul play; it was another that, much earlier in the tournament, the "French" team - a.k.a Team Integration a.k.a The Immigrant All-Stars of Babylon - imploded, particularly because of racial tensions, and became a national embarrassment. The "English" lads also failed to work well together. Neither meltdown was politically correct.

3. The medal-winning countries in the so-called "World Cup" were as follows: Spain, Netherlands and Germany. On paper, this is something like a Eurocentrist's dream come true - and a nightmare for those who hate to give the Europeans credit for anything.


Because at the first-ever African-held World Cup, three teams from Europe showed up, tamed the opposition and grabbed the gold, silver and bronze to take back with them...which kind of looks something like this: