Geert Wilders finds success in the Netherlands

The results from the Dutch General Election are in and it appears that the whistle-blowing "No Islamification here" party, the PVV, has increased its share of parliamentary seats to 24. If so, this means the PVV has fifteen more seats than it won in the last Dutch General Election, in 2006.

The PVV is led by Geert Wilders, who has been banned by the UK elite from entering the British Isles. The reason for the ban? Wilders opposes the growth and spread of Islam in Europe; thus, he is attacked as an "intolerant extremist" by the UK elite.

Perhaps Europe is beginning to look past the simple name-calling of the diversity-obsessed left and take note of the facts. And the fact is: we are being led by mainstream politicians to care more about the multicultural, one-world-in-your-backyard experiment than the future of the European peoples. It is time for us to draw a line in the sand and take our nations back.