Who rules South Africa? And what do they say?

In 2009, Jacob Zuma became the President of South Africa. Zuma, a former member of the South African Communist Party (SACP), took power on behalf of his current political party, the ANC. Members of the ANC, its military wing (the MK), and the SACP sing the following anthems:

-"Kill the Boers (Whites), kill the racists"

-"We the members of MK have pledged ourselves to kill them, the Boere"

-"With this axe, chop them down"

-"We are going to shoot them, we'll go in with our guns"

-"We hate you to death

Lovely, chart-topping titles, huh?

In some Western societies, it is illegal to purchase, distribute and be in possession of racially-charged music. In South Africa, crowds sing such songs in public - in chorus with leading government officials. Bizarre.

Special thanks: Die nuwe Suidafrika