Republican supporters assaulted, suffer serious injuries in mob attack

from "Republican Officials Attacked and Injured in New Orleans " Humberto Fontova

On the night of Friday April 9th, a petite female [...] and her boyfriend were attacked and seriously injured in New Orleans by a vicious group of crazed cowards who shrieked political insults while pouncing. After the pummeling, the petite female and her boyfriend were left, collectively, with a compound leg fracture, a concussion, a broken nose and broken jaw. No robbery occurred.

Don’t waste your time--if you’re Googling for this item on CNN, New York Times, Wa-Po, MSNBC, Huff-Po, ABC, Salon, CBS, etc. --that is.

What's that, you say? Physical and verbal attacks of a political nature outrage the above media outfits to the point of hysteria? Well, it is true that all the above media outfits wailed an indignant chorus to the high-heavens regarding the “anguish” suffered by Rep. Emanuel Cleaver when dribbled with a few drops of (unconfirmed) Tea-Partier spittle. And yes, there was the fit-of -the-vapors suffered by Barney Frank upon hearing some schoolyard taunts. But the beating victims in New Orleans, left with perhaps permanently disabling injuries...they were Republicans, you see. They were emerging from a Republican fundraising dinner at a French Quarter restaurant shortly after attending the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. Their attackers (as appears overwhelmingly probable given all evidence) had waved signs saying “Republicans Geaux Home!” and had formed a gauntlet outside the restaurant shrieking anti-Republican insults at all who entered and exited its doors....

Amongst the shriekers and sign-carriers who formed the gauntlet in front of Brennans Restaurant, one waved a sign with Che Guevara’s famous, “Hasta la Victoria Siempre.” Shortly after this sign was waved, the first victim, a small defenseless woman, was wantonly beaten and severely injured. For those familiar with Che Guevara’s handiwork, nothing could be more fitting.