Aber wie ist es mit dem Christentum in der Türkei?

Ein wichtiges Video angesichts des Minarettverbots in der Schweiz:




    Euope will be in muslim hands soon, and the Dickless White Fucks will REALLY taste justice then.

  2. Well perhaps our people deserve nothing better; we have done literally nothing to resist this change, as we are either too brainwashed and tolerant...or too lazy and self-occupied...but you seem to take the view that this destruction is somehow "justice" and, judging from your website, I'm guessing you also mean "justice" as in retribution for the European colonialism and racial hate centuries ago.

    I know you reject the extreme view that our people have only done good things and deserve everything, whereas others, perceived to be "scum" and "worthless", deserve nothing, but that doesn't mean the opposite extreme is true! If you disagree with me on this, you are either ignorant to the facts which exist before you or simply overlooking them...

    It seems you are of the view that the friendly, pleasant, respectful people of this earth deserve to inherit it. But how is that accomplished with the rise of Islam, especially after the Moorish invasion, the deeds of the Ottoman Empire, subsequent Islamist attempts to conquer Europe or the expansion of Islam across the Middle East and into Africa by way of brutality and conquest?

    By comparison, what do you know about the missionaries and thousands of Christian volunteers who flew to these regions and campaigned for individual rights and helped fight state oppression? What do you know about Christianity as a modern religion which teaches one "not to judge", to "love thy neighbor" and to not actively resist the spread of other religions because everything is supposedly happening according to God's plan? What do you know about the rise of radical Islam in Europe, which seeks to install an oppressive theocracy and become the dominant force in both political and social life? For me, powerful minarets which stretch beyond the skyline and huge, Middle Eastern-looking mosques which cast dark, gloomy shadows over the old monuments of European heroes and other architectural wonders are not a sign of democracizing Islam. For me, it sums up the aggression of this religion and its disregard for the other religions and ancestry of this land. In what way is the rise of Islam a part of your narrative of justice?


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