Too Germanic for Germany

According to an article in Die Zeit, a major German "conservative" newspaper, the classic comic series Asterix does not live up to today's standards - more specifically, today's multicultural standards.

The cartoon may stir up an awareness of national-historical identity, and Die Zeit sees this as a problem. If your German skills are up to par, you can read more here (in German).


  1. I'm glad to see your comments system is finally working!

    Tintin was heavily criticised for being 'racist', a year or two ago. More specifically, it was a particular book Tintin In The Congo, you can read about it here:

    After the media coverage, the books sales are reported to have increased 3800%! I bought a copy, and I think I shall purchase a few more as Christmas presents.

    I'm not sure what Germany's like, I haven't visited since 1994 when I went on an exchange program. My exchange partner was very politically correct and declared himself an anti-patriot, though I'm not sure how typical of German youth he was.

    I sensed he and his cohorts and been inculcated with a tremendous amount of guilt. It was very sad.

    Seeing as you write so much in English, I'd be interested to know what Germany is like in terms of zeitgeist (political correctness), demographics (I know you have a lot of Turks), Islam, etc.

    Of course I'm assuming you're German or living in Germany and due to the nature of some of your posts I think this may not be the case.




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