21st century women in 21 seconds

Top: German woman wearing a shirt that says "I have eyes also, you asshole." 
same woman wearing a shirt
 that lets her tits pop out.

Hard not to see the irony, especially since it reflects the general attitude and behavior of many "liberated" and "modern" Western women.

But there's more. Turns out, the woman in the pictures is Gina Wild - an actress who worked in porn and just divorced a swingerHere's what she had to say about her past:
"I wasn't interested in the money, I was addicted to sex"

In other words, she was out making choices, as a "liberated" and "independent" woman, based on the thrill she got from getting pounded until her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Sadly, take away the fact that she's a porn star, and you're looking at the same decision-making skills of many "liberated" and "independent" Western women; they fail to realize that the "thrill" they speak of is their bodies' way of telling them to procreate - which they never control and never use to procreate.

So just who is this German-born, German-speaking woman dating now? Well, it couldn't be any more indicative of the times:

F*cking Afro-American rappah Akon. While it is unclear whether they can even communicate in the same language, he has swag or something. And that's enough. Slowly, the German volk dies out because of the awesome choices of its women...


  1. Dear lord, I don't even know where to begin with this bimbo.

    I do, however, apologize to the girls and boys born after me for not having been wise enough, at 14, when those communist beeotches Steinem and Friedan played with our minds and talked us into "women's liberation". We ended up being part of a huge movement to screw both genders of our progeny.

    That is about all I can do now, but this creature is proof of how gullible we were back then!

    This sl... er bimbo is just that ~ a bimbo who makes Britney look like she is in Mensa.

  2. But like my uncle told me, back in the 60's when they would see a black guy with a white girl, they said the negro was in bad company.

    Akon and this twisted whore deserve each other certainly.

  3. Good luck on your next ride. Chocolate melts in your mouth not in your hand(s)...give it hell baby !!!

  4. I just wanna say a big up yours to everyone bad mouthing Gina...... Ive seen her talking in interviews and think shes as beautiful inside as she is outside


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