How much are migrants costing Europe?

According to a blunt, yet-naively-concluded report by the German mainstream media 'MDR', young migrants cost 60,000 Euros per person per year. That is more than double the salary of the average European. Here is the report, translated from German:
"How much 'asylum seekers' cost is difficult to calculate. Often the migrants change location or the cost of care and services differs per region. But it is expensive to take care of young people, and [the German state of] Saxon-Anhalt is paying out 60,000 Euros per year for each migrant child.

Taking in 'asylum seekers' is expensive - this position is supported by the Alternative for Germany (AfD). For example, Saxon-Anhalt AfD-leader Andre Poggenburg has said the following: "according to our data, the district assembly clarified that the accommodation, services and supervision for each young migrant is costing us around 60,000 Euros per year. Compared to the 'average' migrant, this is five or six times more expensive."

The district assembly confirms the figures - at least for care and services. Each young migrant costs the state on average 60,000 Euros," says managing director Heinz-Lothar Theel. That is in regardings to day and night service and full-time supervision.

Pedagogic personnel are needed to take care of whatever issues the young migrants are facing. We have universal youth support rights for German and migrant children, that is why we cannot hold back. That is increasingly talked about here and there, but is considered odd," says Theel.

Absolute costs: difficult to calculate

"At the present time, 1300 unaccompanied migrant youths live in Saxony-Anhalt.  The complete cost of taking care of migrants is difficult to calculate because the needs and services delivered fluctuate for each migrant. Additionally, some foster families take care of migrant youths. In such instances, the state estimates that it pays out around 10,000 Euros per year in support."

"The state pays for this - but the district also receives initiatives from the administration. For example, caretakers must be appointed and determinations must be made based on age. This is an important theme for these people," explains Heinz-Lothar Theel.

"Additionally, state of citizenship must be determined. Then one must look to determine if the person already has family in the federal republic [note he does not say Germany!] or somewhere within the EU. In many instances, we must hire an interpreter. And then it goes on to finding accommodation and supervision.

District assembly demands 2,500 Euros per migrant

The district assembly is calling for 2,500 for each migrant package per refugee. "2,500 Euros per young migrant is what we determined," says Minister of Social Affairs Petra Grimm-Benne (SPD). But the foundation to support this demand is missing. "Whether we need a law or an administrative agreement is still a point of controversy."

But the money for the migrants was put into the budget, and the districts are to receive the sum, from taxpayer funds, this year. The Social Affairs Minister emphasizes that the situation has become less tense: fewer migrants, including young migrants, are on the move. And many 17-year-olds are now in language and integration courses. They will be educated soon and could then live independently.  The district thus assumes the strain on the budget will be reduced.

With the expansionism of the EU, the EU's reliance on imported labour (slave trade economy lite) and overpopulation in Africa, the conclusion of the MDR's report is extremely misleading about the nature of the 'migrant crisis' going forward.

Now for the funny part: translation can be tedious, so I tried to save time and use Google translate on the last two paragraphs of the MDR report, to no avail. I would like to share Google's translation of the last sentence with you. Had it been correct, it would have wrapped up the report with a blunt message which, of course, the MDR never would have printed:

Perhaps Google translate doubles as some sort of polygraph test.

Silly technology, not giving a fuck about MDR's preference for mandatory politically-correct conclusions. Reminds me a bit of the movie Liar, Liar: "the pen is rrrrrreeeyal blue!"