All that needs to be said about the French election: reaction and questions

Here are the facts: France voted affirmatively for Emmanuel Macron, not Marine Le Pen. In doing so, France voted for more terrorists to have easy entry to the EU and for more immigration in general.

The following questions should be answered (as the answers are found, links will be added which discuss the topics in question):

Did the economic socialists of the left boycott Le Pen, the moderate socialist, because of her pro-French culture, identitarian and pro-nation position?

Did the ultra-capitalist crowd with nationalist tendencies boycott Le Pen, the moderate socialist, because her platform was considered to be antagonistic to businesses?

How significant was the immigrant vote amidst the prospect of leadership under Le Pen, a candidate who favors stronger border regulation? Can a parallel be drawn to the Latino vote in regards to the border between Mexico and the United States? What percentage of immigrants voted for Le Pen?

How critical was gender in the election? Was it important that Macron is a young, rich banker with a bride almost twice his age, signalling to women that a Macron could be theirs, too? On the other hand, how important was the fact that Marine Le Pen, his opponent, is a woman?

What can be said of the voting demographic in terms of age? This chart, from just a few weeks ago, already paints an interesting picture:

If 40% of youth were in favour of Le Pen over any other candidate (not just Macron) and up to 40% of the youth population is foreign-born, does that mean up to eight in every ten native French youths voted for Le Pen? What role did the retired generation's insistence on not stirring up the waters play, especially given the size of that generation?

These questions will all be answered in time. And close attention should be paid to the answers. For now, all we can do is wait for the publication of the data.


John said…
France is a joke