After SPLC's request, Twitter begins purging accounts - including Clint Eastwood's, for support of Trump

Do a little research and you'll find that, in 2012, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) made a big fuss about a site that listed several individuals and private entities who allegedly "pose a considerable threat to the citizens of America" and should be silenced:

Here is a screenshot of the site that the SPLC:

Fast forward to the present, where apparently the SPLC not only has its own list of people to silence, but has worked with Twitter to expunge said individuals from the internet. Among those who have been targetted is Clint Eastwood:

One source is calling this turn of events the "Twitter Holocaust", but the melodrama best resembles the events in the South Park episode where the boys grab axes and take Cartman to the woods to 'off' destroying his electronics and capacity to go online.

Still, what has happened on Twitter is serious business. Controlling nearly all mainstream television, magazine and newspaper sources and rarely permitting the public to comment on its articles, the lib-left has relied on the saturation of its message to prevail, all the while castigating or isolating those who have different views. Twitter, on the other hand, is an open forum. Sure mainstream television, magazine and newspaper sources have Twitter accounts, but on Twitter, so does everyone and the score is even. The masses have the power to be heard on Twitter just like mainstream sources, and on the same level. In addition, the masses can give their views directly on Twitter, without their quotes being torn apart and edited by the mainstream media to castigate or isolate. All that may be about to change if the lib-left has taken over Twitter to eliminate open discourse there.

Perhaps the lib-left fear they have lost the ability to control of the masses. Increasingly fewer people follow newspapers or magazines and, thanks to the internet, the public is increasingly skeptical of the news on the television. In any case the lib-left's actions should be a bright red flag to the thinking public: if you have a strong argument, why are you so afraid of people competing with your message on the same common plane? Why are you elminating a comment section to your articles? And why all of a sudden is there this crusade against "fake news", a movement propogated by the mainstream media, so as to invalidate everything but its own product? Pure hypocrisy.