Westernized Obama-era FBI agent betrays husband, country for ISIS boyfriend

Greene (left) and her cuddly ISIS boyfriend (right)  Press TV
Well, this is just a failure on all fronts isn't it?

As reported by Press TV, an FBI employee who was supposed to be investigating a member of ISIS in Germany decided a few years ago that she was into the man she was tracking. And so, she left her home and job in the United States to marry him.

Daniela Greene, who worked as a translator for the FBI, managed to hide her real whereabouts from the bureau and warned her rapper-turned-terrorist husband Denis Cuspert about the investigation [...]

Cuspert, also known as Deso Dogg, has been featured in many propaganda videos. Praising former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in a song, threatening former President Barack Obama with a throat-cutting gesture and holding a freshly severed human head are some of things he has done before ISIL’s camera.

American intelligence agency put him on the radar after finding out about his growing influence as an online recruiter, going by the name of Abu Talha al-Almani.

LOL. It gets even better:

According to the report, Greene, 38, “seemed to realize she had made a terrible mistake” weeks after marrying Cuspert and returned to the US.

Greene was arrested upon arrival and charged with making false statements involving international terrorism. She pleaded guilty and received only two years in prison before being released last summer [...]
Assistant US Attorney Thomas Gillice said Greene had “violated the public trust” and “endangered our nation's security.” However, he said the rogue agent had been handed a lighter sentence because of her cooperation.

And so, like a chameleon, Greene transforms from a strong independant rogue back into a soft and mistaken woman and is let go for "cooperation".

Observe the privilege - and also note the absurdity.

Here we have a person who aids a terrorist while serving this country - a country that, in the last decades, has been transformed to primarily cater to people like her. For example, this country no longer frowns upon women who have affairs while travelling on business assignment (just don't sleep with terrorists, k?). In fact, western society does not ask much of anything of women, whether it be to shave, be kind or even change out of their pajamas. In addition, women get their safe spaces, sanctuary cities and open border policies, all so they can feel that they helped somebody (a redirection of the mother instinct, but don't say that!) while doing nothing. And of course, they have their gender equality to help them land a job at the FBI. But no, all that catering is not enough to gain Ms. Greene's loyalty.

Calais sex camp: the triumph of liberalism
Part of the problem is western women are encouraged to have - or are in no way able to control - urges to mate with criminals and aggressive figures. For all the effort the west has made to get men to tolerate overweight and aggressive women, not a thing has been done to tamper with female sexual hardwiring. Maybe that is not how gender equality works, but if the current female conditioning leads our women into the arms of ISIS in search of hardened figures, it probably is not a good thing!

In another development, some western women are chasing the danger and "did-good" feeling all at once by sleeping with migrants at refugee-turned-sex-camp Calais. And what is to stop them? Our taxes will raise any child that comes along - or fund its abortion.

Head-rush experiences of travel and sex and iresponsiblity. Even at age 38, apparently. In the new era, we all know the hamster wheel starts spinning around age 21. Perhaps in this new era, it never stops. Forever young. And dumb.