Professor Nutjob has a meltdown

We here at Armed with Knowledge have been paying close attention lately to the goings-on behind the closed-off walls of America's academic institutions. Well, pulling back the curtain, here we see a university professor absolutely explode over the issue of free speech. And no, she is not defending it.

In short, she wants to fight 'xenophobia' in the only civilization (white-founded civilization) where whites dare even think about leading anything, where the descendants of the founders of said civilization have made more concessions to those unlike them than anyone anywhere.

But none of that matters.

What matters is her understanding of her mission as a teacher, and her attitude that everyone who does not agree with her is a 'Nazi' and should be attacked. To the contrary, every voice on campus should be heard. Threats of violence and bullying should not be an option - especially from teachers. Hat tip to @"trump Soros" for the eye-opening video, and for raising awareness of this noble project for Campus Reform (see link)