Why did Obama win the 2012 Election?

Today I want to share a statistic with you:



Election or basketball game, those are blowout scores. Here's another important image:

That means the "Latino score" is becoming more and more of the deciding factor in the game. Want to know a secret though? Look at the following:

That's right. The potential of the Latino voting block's has hardly even been tapped.

So, with these facts in mind, why would 71% of voting Latinos choose Obama? Is it a question of income?

After all, look at the breakdown of Latino voters making under 50,000.

63-35 for Obama.

57-42 for Obama.

The graph below shows the poverty rate by race. Note the increase in the total number of impoverished Hispanics, indicated at the right side of the graph, between 2005 and 2011:

That increase added to the "annual income under 30,000" demographic - the one that voted 63-35 for Obama.

So what caused the increase in poor Hispanics, thus contributing to Obama's victory?

It wasn't the recession, since the number of impoverished Blacks, Asians and Non-Hispanics grew only slightly during the same recession period in which the number of impoverished Hispanics shot upwards.

Unless the explanation for the drastic increase in impoverished Hispanics is the birthrate, there is only one other answer: the influx of unskilled laborers, particularly the illegal immigrants who Obama's Democratic Party went to great lengths to naturalize. How's that for a strategy to win every election from here on out with increasing ease?


  1. This brings us to one of ‘problems’ with democracy: It can often be more of a ethnic-racial-subcultural-religious-younameit headcount than some kind of grand public policy debate between honest men with each man honestly wrangling with the issues in good faith, etc.

    Obama won solely because of the electorate changed, racially. Romney would’ve walked away with an easy victory with if 2012 had had 1980′s racial demographics. (According to analysis by Byron York and others).

    Why not just let election results be decided by the U.S. Census Bureau? For all practical purposes, that’s what happened anyway.


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