Yet another work about the New Germany (English subtitle)


  1. Deutschland verraten!
    Germany betrayed!

    Noch sitzt ihr daoben
    Ihr feigen Gestalten,
    Vom Feinde bezahlt,
    Und dem Volke zum Spott.
    Doch einst wird wieder
    Gerechtigkeit walten,
    Dann richtet das Volk'
    Und es gnade Euch Gott!
    (Theodor Koerner
    There you are you cowards, still in the highest positions
    in the pay of the foe, and a joke to the people.
    But there will come a time
    When justice will prevail
    and the people will judge you
    and you'll be begging god for mercy .

    I emigrates as a 15 year old to Canada in 1956, and am a citizen of that great Country since 1962. Yet, I am proud of my German heritage and the incomparable culture of the land of my ancestry. I still speak the language, and delight in the endlessl expressiveness of it, persickety as it is.

    To see what is happening to the culture right now saddens me deeply. There is a deliberate denigration of all things German, and the worst perpetrators are these loathsome '68ters who are now in charge of the nation. It has bee the fate of that unfortunate country to have been beset by traitors of their own ranks. Think of Sorge, Canaris, Einstein et. al.

    One can only hope, that the old spirit will reemerge one of these days. If Germany goes down, the entire West will go with it. .


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