06 January 2013

Why did Obama win the 2012 Election?

Today I want to share a statistic with you:

93-6, 71-27.

Election or basketball game, that's a blowout if you're on the losing end. The thing is, in the past, the second score would have mattered less; "Latinos" were only a marginal percentage of the U.S. population. However:

Want to know a really bizarre secret though?

Exactly: the Latino voting block has hardly even been tapped.

So why would Latinos (as well as African Americans) vote for Obama en masse? Is it a question of income?

After all...

This graph shows the poverty rate between 1959 and 2011. Note that, here too, "Black" and "Hispanic" stand at the top:

Also note the sharp increase in Hispanic poverty towards the end of the graph. Is this due to the high birth rate among lower class Hispanics? The recession, even if the Black, Asian and Non-Hispanic poverty rates moved only slightly over that same period? What about the influx of unskilled laborers that, incidentally, Obama's Democratic Party went to great lengths to naturalize?